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The Move FR

After arriving in Yellowknife 14 months ago, Dr. Melanie MacIntyre is feeling right at home. Though northern stereotypes of igloo housing and polar bear pets can waylay even the most adventurous, Melanie refused to fall under the typecast spell.

“My husband and I researched all over for salaried positions – which are very unique in Canada. Yellowknife was one of the only places that offered it. Afterwards we began researching Yellowknife online. We checked out YouTube and Facebook and made sure to look at lots of pictures and talk to lots of people about it. So right away we dispelled all those myths,” Melanie explains.

Melanie grew up in Nova Scotia but always felt drawn to the north. Though she never imagined she would settle down in the north, Melanie and her husband have just moved into their first Yellowknife home.

The house is located in a scenic area of town called Latham Island. This plot of land is in “Old Town” the area where the city of Yellowknife was founded. The land that was once covered in plywood shacks is now a hub for posh housing, multi-coloured houseboats and charming bistros. The land retains its authentic roots with spindly pine trees and preserved log buildings. Melanie is only minutes away from Pilot’s Monument (which looks out over the city), the Wildcat Cafe, Bullocks Bistro, parks, a baseball field, and boat rentals. In the summer she’ll see float planes and kayakers from her window and in winter the lights of passing snowmobilers will light the ice.

“It’s like being at a cottage but it’s our house. We realized that you can find whatever suits your needs here. You can live in the center of downtown, in a residential area, in Old Town, or out at Prelude. Whatever you’re looking for, Yellowknife can accommodate you.” Melanie has even managed to recruit her brother and sister-in-law, who travelled up to the NWT capital in January – just in time for coldest of the winter chill. “I told them that Yellowknife is a young, vibrant community and there’s always lots going on. It’s the perfect place for artistic people, active people, and outdoorsy people. They really like it so far.”

Is Melanie nervous for winter? Not at all. “Our new home has a fireplace!” she explains.