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Student Opportunities

The Government of the Northwest Territories supports northern post-secondary students in their pursuit of education by providing summer work opportunities and support to obtain practicum and placements within the Northwest as the students gain valuable work experience and enhance employment prospects upon completion of their studies.

Practicum Opportunities

The Government of the Northwest Territories along with its Health and Social Service Authorities and Agencies support Health and Social Service Students who have an interest in rural practicum and placements. Each Health and Social Service Authority finalizes arrangements with students based on the availability of preceptors.

Summer Student Employment

The Government of the Northwest Territories offers multiple Summer Student Employment Opportunities. Post-secondary students are hired as casual employees and are subject to the same terms and conditions as other casual employees. Between April 15 and August 15, students will be given a higher priority than non-students registered in the same Affirmative Action category for casual employment with the Northwest Territories.

See the Department of Human Resources Careers website for more information.