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Daniela Cavalcante
B.Sc (Occupational Therapy)

Home Care Occupational Therapist


3 yeras


Occupational Therapist

Northwest Territories Occupational Therapists are employed by four health regions: Beaufort Delta Health and Social Authority, Hay River Health and Social Services Authority, Fort Smith Health and Social Services Authority and Stanton Territorial Health Authority.

NWT Occupational Therapists provide services to NWT and Western Nunavut clients of all ages. Practice settings include hospitals, out-patient clinics, home care, preschools and schools, and long-term care facilities. Regional Occupational Therapists use various methods of delivery to serve northern communities, such as travel clinics, tele-video conferencing, and liaising with health centre staff.

NWT Occupational Therapists provide assessment, intervention, and follow-up to clients with a range of conditions such as neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and mental health including developmental delay. Outcome measurement tools are used to monitor client progress and support occupational therapy service statistics. Team collaboration is an integral component of Occupational Therapy service delivery.

Continuing education is supported through the Professional Development Initiative (PDI) as well as department in-services and on-site clinical training of specific skill-sets.

Some occupational therapy services, such as intensive neuro-rehabilitation or assessment of complex assistive technology needs, are delivered out of territory by Alberta Health Services.

The NWT does not have legislation in place to regulate rehabilitation professionals; all occupational therapists are required to be licensed by a provincial college or hold membership with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists.