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Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners - A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse (RN) with additional education. The NP is licensed in a different category, which enables the NP to perform tasks beyond the scope of practice of an RN licence. Grounded in the nursing profession's values, knowledge, theories and practice, the NP role compliments rather than replaces other health care providers.

A nurse practitioner may: make a diagnose or assess a disease, disorder or condition, and communicate the diagnosis or assessment to the client; order and interpret screening and diagnostic tests; select, prescribe and monitor the effectiveness of drugs as listed in the Nurse Practitioner Prescription Regulations (Northwest Territories)*; and order the application of forms of energy (X-ray, ultrasound). Nurse Practitioners have the authority to order supplies and equipment related to the care of their clients. These responsibilities are what make the practice of nurse practitioners different from that of all other RNs. This is a nursing role and NPs practice in accordance with all standards relevant to the nursing profession.