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Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority-Fort Smith Region


Fort Smith (pop. 2 385) is the southernmost community in the Northwest Territories, lying on the NWT-Alberta border. It serves as headquarters to Wood Buffalo National Park - a World Heritage Site, and home to one of the largest free-roaming herd of Wood Bison in the world, as well as the only wild nesting grounds of the endangered Whooping Crane.


NTHSSA-Fort Smith Region operates a modern health centre with acute care beds, offices and clinic examination rooms. It also supports a midwifery program and a hemo-dialysis unit. Acute cases are stabilized at the health centre and medivaced to Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife or directly to Edmonton depending on the emergency. A nurse practitioner is on staff while a compliment of 4 physicians serves the population.

Community Facility Description
Fort Smith Fort Smith Health and Social Services Centre Health Centre/Social Services Office
Northern Lights Special Care Home Multilevel Care Residence
Polar Crescent Group Home Child Welfare Facility
Sutherland House Family Violence Shelter
Tapwe House Multi-purpose Facility
Trailcross Treatment Centre Child Welfare Facility
Wellness Centre Mental Health and Addictions

Profile of Communities/Population

The NTHSSA - Fort Smith Region provides health and social programs to the people of Fort Smith:

Community Population (2006 Estimates)
Fort Smith 2,396
Total Population 2,396

Aerial View